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Christmas Turkeys

Christmas Turkeys

Slow growing free range turkeys, traditionally reared to produce succulent, well flavoured meat.

We believe that the finest turkeys and geese are produced by independent farmers using traditional methods in high welfare free range conditions, which is why our Christmas turkeys and geese are reared by Howard Blackwell of Coggeshall.

All our traditional Christmas free range bronze turkeys are dry plucked by hand and hung for at least ten days to develop tender meat with exceptional flavour.

If you prefer a turkey breast on the bone, choose a turkey crown which is a traditional turkey with the legs and thighs removed. A convenient alternative to a traditional whole turkey with no brown meat.

Goose is a traditional choice for Christmas and a festive favourite for smaller groups. Our geese have been reared using traditional methods, ranging freely in large grass paddocks. The meat of free range geese is firm and richly flavoured.