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Christmas Turkeys

Christmas Turkeys

Slow growing free range turkeys, traditionally reared to produce succulent, well flavoured meat.

We believe that the finest turkeys and geese are produced by independent farmers using traditional methods in high welfare free range conditions, which is why our Christmas turkeys and geese are reared by Howard Blackwell of Coggeshall.

All our traditional Christmas free range bronze turkeys are dry plucked by hand and hung for at least ten days to develop tender meat with exceptional flavour.

If you prefer a turkey breast on the bone, choose a turkey crown which is a traditional turkey with the legs and thighs removed. A convenient alternative to a traditional whole turkey with no brown meat.

Goose is a traditional choice for Christmas and a festive favourite for smaller groups. Our geese have been reared using traditional methods, ranging freely in large grass paddocks. The meat of free range geese is firm and richly flavoured.


Weight Free Range Bronze£ Servings
5-5.4kg 66 10
5.5-6.4kg 75 12
6.5-7.4kg 79 14
7.5-8.4kg 83 16
8.5-9.4kg 88 18
9.5-10.4kg 94 20
10.5+kg 8.95/kg 22+

Turkey Crowns

Weight Bronze£ Servings
3 - 4.9kg 16.95/kg 4-8
5 - 5.9kg 14.30/kg 10-12

Free Range Geese

Weight £/KG Servings
Small 4-5 kg 14.30/kg 6
Medium 5-6kg 14.30/kg 8
Large 6+kg 14.30/kg 10

Q: How big a turkey do I need?

A: Our suggested servings in the table above will give you generous adult portions with a little extra for leftovers. Adjust them to allow for smaller appetites.

Q: What's in the box?

A: You'll find your oven ready fresh turkey with its giblets inside the box along with cooking instructions, cooking probe and fresh herbs.

Q: How do I order?

A: Fill in and submit the order form below. We will always confirm your order by email so if you don't hear from us within two working days, please email or phone.

We try to supply your Christmas Turkey or Goose as close as possible to the weight ordered, but cannot guarantee to match a specific weight. If you order at the edge of a price band, you may slip into the next one.

Q: When can I collect my turkey?

A: You can collect your turkey from The Barley Barn at Slamseys on Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd December from 8am - 4pm

Q: How long should I allow to collect my turkey? 

 A: We don't have long queues on collection day. Just park outside the barn and you'll be in and out in under ten minutes. Allow a little extra time if you need to stock up with Slamseys Gin or buy some last minute Christmas decorations.

Order your Turkey

Order your Turkey

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