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Over the year lots of exciting events take place at Slamseys. The Meadow has been used for lawn art, photoshoots and filming, while The Barley Barn has featured in a music video.

Find out more using the links below.

Life in Mud Spattered Boots, Blog


September: Blackberry Day, Daily Gazette
September: ‘Tears in the Colours’, Khamsina, Music Video
Beyonce’s 35 Birthday, Lawn Art by Chris Naylor, Mail Online
June: Wilbur the Penguin, Lawn Art by Chris Naylor, British Gas


July: Open Farm Sunday Events, East Anglian Daily Times
June: Slamseys Art Month, East Life Magazine, p80
June: The Essex Summer of Art, Your Harlow
March: Tempting Treats, East Life Magazine, p49 


October: Slamseys Drinks at Good Food Show, Braintree and Witham Times