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Before You Buy Your Christmas Tree

Before You Buy Your Christmas Tree

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do before you come to Slamseys Farm to buy your Christmas tree.

Measure up

Trees can look deceptively small when they’re in the large Christmas Tree Barn, so measure your ceiling height beforehand. If space is limited, measure the available width too.

Measure your vehicle’s interior storage area to make sure your tree will fit in.

Some trees have very wide trunks, so measure your tree stand to make sure your tree will fit into it.

Take your tape measure when you buy your tree so you can check the size.


Prepare the car

Empty the car if you plan to take the tree home inside it and don’t try to fit in a Christmas tree on your way home from a shopping trip. A bag of delicate fruit can look very unappetising after it’s been squashed by a heavy Christmas tree

Fold down the back seats if you have a hatchback or estate car. If you’re not sure how to do this, work it out in the comfort of your front drive and not at the farm, surrounded by excited children and passers by offering words of wisdom.

Protect the car upholstery with a dust sheet or old blanket. The tree may be slightly damp, the trunk can leave green scuff marks and you’re bound to lose a few needles as you manoeuvre the tree in and out of the car.

Make sure you have bungee cords or straps to secure the tree if you plan to take it home on your roof rack. A tarpaulin is useful to protect the tree from wind damage on the way home.