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Caravan Storage Terms & Conditions

Caravan Storage Terms & Conditions


for storage of a single axle caravan or approved trailer at Slamseys Farm, Blackley Lane, Great Notley, Braintree, Essex CM77 7QW


1   FEES

a)       Fees for storage will be charged and payable by bank transfer or cash, in advance; William Wheaton has the right to alter the charge by giving due notice to the client.

b)       Renewal dates are 1st of January, April, July and October.

c)       No refund will be due if the pitch is vacated before the end of the rental period.

d)       If payment is not made by the due date, W Wheaton will deactivate the security fob thus preventing vehicular access to the site and a further charge will be made to reactivate the security fob.



a)       All caravans and trailers must be parked within the allocated plot with the rear offside corner (driver’s side) of the caravan parked immediately next to the numbered post.

b)       All caravans, trailers and contents therein must be insured by the owner; W H Wheaton will not compensate clients for loss of contents or unlawful removal.

c)       The site must be kept tidy and free from rubbish and personal belongings at all times.

d)       All personal effects and valuables should be removed from the caravan or trailer.

e)       Caravans must not be occupied for residential purposes whilst on the site.

f)        Caravans and trailers must not be offered for sale from the site or access granted to third parties for viewing or collection.

g)       No major repairs will be carried out on site.

h)       Minor repairs including servicing by mobile contractors, can be undertaken with W Wheaton’s prior permission. Details must be supplied to W Wheaton.

i)         All gas bottles must be switched off when the caravan is on site. If possible, they should be removed from the site.

j)         In an emergency, W H Wheaton will attempt to contact the client by telephone but if they cannot be contacted, W H Wheaton has permission to move the caravan or trailer.



a)       Access to Great Slamseys Farm is between the hours of 06.30 and 21.00. A charge of up to £20 per day may be made to open the security gate outside normal operating hours, which must be booked and paid for in advance.

b)       The gate to the caravan storage site is automatically opened using a designated security fob. A deposit of £20 will be charged for the security fob, which will be refunded on surrender of the fob at the termination of the storage.



While W Wheaton does his utmost to provide security for caravans and trailers stored on the site, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of theft or damage and he cannot guarantee that a caravan or trailer stored on the site might not be damaged or stolen. Clients should therefore inspect the site to ensure they are aware of the level of security provided and make regular inspections of their caravan or trailer.



a)       Clients must provide up to date details of their name, postal and email address, emergency phone number (preferably mobile), caravan model and registration of towing vehicle and notify W Wheaton of any changes. Failure to provide these details when requested will result in deactivation of the security fob.

b)       These details will be held securely and deleted when no longer needed for tax purposes.

c)       Invoices will be sent by email or by post if no email address is given.



a)       All caravans must be removed from the storage site on or before 30th September 2020.

b)       Clients who do not wish to store their caravan or trailer on site for a further rental period must give a minimum of one calendar month notice of their intention.

c)       Clients cannot transfer their storage space or security fob to another person.

d)       At the termination of the agreement, the client will remove their caravan or trailer from the site and ensure the pitch is left tidy and free from rubbish. Where it appears that a caravan has been abandoned on site, W H Wheaton may arrange disposal and any costs incurred will be recovered from the client.

e)      If the client is in breach of these Terms and Conditions and has not complied with written notice to remedy the breach, W H Wheaton may deactivate the security fob, thus preventing vehicular access to or from the site, or demand removal of the caravan.