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Tree Care

Tree Care

Follow these simple tips so that your Christmas Tree looks fresh and fabulous

When you get your Christmas tree home, cut a 3cm slice from the bottom of the tree (so it can take up water), remove the netting and give the tree a good shake to dislodge any loose needles. Stand the tree in a bucket of water overnight in a cool, sheltered place outside.

The longer you can leave your Christmas tree outside, the better it will look on Christmas Day. A Christmas tree that has been kept in a hot room since the end of November will look tired and jaded on Christmas Day, whereas one that is taken in on Christmas Eve will look fresh and glossy. Most people settle for a compromise and take their tree inside in the middle of December.

When you take your tree inside, put it in a stand that holds water and is a suitable size for your tree. Cramming a large tree into a small stand can make the tree unstable and unable to take up enough water. Place your tree stand on a mat or cloth to protect the floor and secure your tree in the stand, making sure it’s standing up straight.

Stand your tree in an area where it doesn’t get knocked and bashed into, ensuring that it’s well away from any radiator or fire that will dry it out. Put the tree close to a socket to avoid trailing wires if you have mains powered lights, but not so close that you have to crawl under the tree every day to turn the lights on and off.

Twirl the tree around so that the best side faces the room and take a critical look. Use secateurs to trim back any branches that spoil the shape or stop you pushing the tree close to the wall.

If you have the space, try standing the tree in the middle of a room (a little used conservatory is ideal) so it can be admired from all sides or put your tree in a bay window and let passers-by share a little of your joy.

Now leave your tree to settle for a couple of hours before you start the fun of decorating your Christmas tree.


If you take a Norway Spruce into a warm house a long time before Christmas, you must expect to sweep up needles. Possibly quite a lot. Definitely a lot if you put your tree in a busy area or the cat decides to pull off the baubles. There should only be a small sprinkling of needles from a Nordman Fir if you’ve followed all the guidelines above.

However, every now and then, we get a rogue tree that just gives up. If you’ve followed the care instructions but aren’t happy with the condition of your Christmas tree because there is excessive needle drop or branch droop, please contact us within 48 hours and we will advise you when to return your tree to The Christmas Tree Barn to be replaced. After fourteen days from the date of purchase, replacement is at our discretion. Please don't message us on Facebook as we don't pick these messages up as quickly as emails.