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Christmas Tree Barn

Christmas Tree Barn

Helping you choose the best Christmas Tree for your home


The Christmas Tree Barn reopens in December 2022

Slamseys Farm, Blackley Lane, Great Notley, Braintree, Essex CM77 7QW


For over forty years families have started their festive celebrations by heading to Slamseys to buy their Christmas Tree. There are hundreds of premium grade Christmas Trees displayed in The Christmas Tree Barn making it easy for you to choose your perfect tree. We sell Christmas trees grown in our plantation at Slamseys Farm and from selected growers so that we can offer a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Wander along the racks of trees until you find your perfect tree. Give it a shake to make sure it doesn’t shower the floor with needles and then take it to the netting machine or ask one of our sales team to carry it for you. While you pay (cash or card) your tree will be netted ready for you to take home.

Please don't bring your dog into The Christmas Tree Barn, no matter how well behaved it is, unless it is an Assistance Dog.

This is what you'll find in the barn:


Our sawn Nordman Fir and Norway Spruce trees have no roots and should be put in a stand that holds water. Our most popular sized Christmas Tree is about two metres high but you can buy any height from one metre up to about four metres. A six foot high Nordman Fir costs £45-£55 and a similar sized Norway Spruce ££25-£35.


Our pot grown Christmas trees can be put in the garden after Christmas if they're taken inside for no more than two weeks and kept cool and watered. Pot grown trees are about 1 metres high and cost £35. If you’re looking for a larger tree but keen to have a pot grown one, we suggest you put your tree on a table or similar. Smaller trees stand more chance of survival when taken out to the garden.


We supply private householders, businesses, Parish Councils, churches, schools and local organisations with extra-large trees to display inside or outside. You will need suitable machinery or manpower to move the tree and use a specially constructed pit or stand. These trees are individually priced and must be ordered in advance. Contact us to get a quote.


Our fresh foliage wreaths are crafted from Noble Fir. Pick a wreath decorated with berries, pine cones and ribbon or buy a plain foliage wreath and add your own unique decorations.


Choose your tree stand from a selection of traditional wrought iron stands and durable polypropylene stands. Available in different sizes to hold small and large trees, our water holding stands are durable and simple to use. It’s much easier to use a well-designed stand than try to balance a heavy tree in a bucket of sand.


This year we are trialling some bio-degradable netting made from PLA (Polylactic acid) polyester yarn, typically sourced from renewable plants such as maize and sugar beet. It requires less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases than the production of petroleum-based plastics and can be composted after use, leaving no microplastics behind

Decorated Christmas Wreath