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Click and Collect Christmas Shop

Click and Collect Christmas Shop

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On this page you can check prices for fresh Christmas Trees, stands and wreaths.




Click below to see size options for our Nordman Firs. Please double check the size of your tree, as you will not be able to change it when you come to collect your tree. Your tree will be netted and you will not be able to view it unnetted.



Traditional Spruce trees will be available to Click and Collect in the barn later in the season. We do have them available in the barn.



We have a range of stands, including Ornate, Cinco and Barrel. Click below for colour options. Please enquire if you’re not sure which stand you will need.



We have a range of plain and decorated wreaths.




Please remember that your tree is a living thing, like cut flowers; it needs regular watering and it will not thrive in a hot room or next to a radiator or fire. Please note that all sizes are approximate and no two trees are the same. The shape of the branches might change once it has been out of its net.



You can have confidence that you will receive a premium quality Christmas Tree, but please remember that real Christmas Trees are a natural product and do not have a uniform shape. However, every now and then there may be a problem. If you’ve followed the care instructions but aren’t happy with the condition of your Christmas tree because there is excessive needle drop or branch droop, please email us within 48 hours and we will advise you when to return your tree to The Christmas Tree Barn to be replaced. After fourteen days from the date of collection, replacement is at our discretion. 

Please note that Distance Selling regulations do not apply to perishable items, including trees and plants.



Cancellations can only be accepted within two business days of your order.



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