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Tractor Mini Screen

Tractor Mini Screen

Screen design library

Mini tractor thermofax screen for screen printing on paper and fabric

A farmyard tractor mini screen, made with a digital screen maker from an original drawing, perfect for customising children's clothing, printing pop up farms or sewing a rural themed baby play mat. Mini Screens print wonderfully on fabric and paper and can be used for a range of sewing and handmade projects. The screens for printing are small and easy to manouvre and can be used for creating patterned wrapping paper or personalised greetings cards. The tractor can face in either direction - please let me know if you need to swap it around.

Screens come with an acrylic mount which make them easy to use.


Approx Image size (cm)       

Frame size (cm)


8.5 x 12.5 cm

15 x 21 cm


13.5 x 19.5 cm

21 x 30 cm





Price includes postage with Royal Mail. Due to coronavirus, I am only posting items once a week. You can also arrange collection from the barn.