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Public Access

Public Access

Take a short circular walk from Great Notley Country Park through the fields of Slamseys Farm along the public footpaths and public bridleway or use the network of paths to walk to Willows Green or Bartholomew Green.

If you aren’t sure where the footpaths lead, check on The Public Rights of Way interactive map for Essex

We cut back the overhanging branches and mow the paths in spring and summer to make it pleasant for you to enjoy your walk. In return, we ask that you follow The Countryside Code.


The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code has recently been updated to help people enjoy the outdoors. The new code allows people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that nature offers, while giving it the respect it deserves. Read the summary below or check out the full Countryside Code.


Be nice, say hello, share the space

Be nice, say hello, share the space. Cyclists must give way to walkers and horse riders on bridleways.

Be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the countryside

Leave gates and property as you find them

Do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking

Follow local signs and keep to marked paths unless wider access is available.


Protect the Environment

Take your litter home and leave no trace of your visit. Litter spoils the beauty of the countryside and can be dangerous to wildlife and livestock. Dropping litter and dumping rubbish are criminal offences.

Do not light fires and only have barbecues where signs say you can

Keep your dog under effective control and make sure it stays away from wildlife, livestock, horses and other people unless invited. You should:

  • Always keep your dog on a lead or in sight
  • Be confident your dog will return on command
  • Make sure your dog does not stray from the path or area where you have right of access

Clean up your dog poo because it can cause illness in people, livestock and wildlife. Never leave bags of dog poo around, even if you intend to pick them up later. If you cannot find a public waste bin, you should take it home and use your own bin.

Care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance


Enjoy the Outdoors

Check your route and local conditions

Know the signs and symbols on marker posts:

  • Yellow arrow – footpath, a recorded right of way for walkers and mobility aid users only
  • Blue arrow – bridleway, a recorded right of way for walkers, mobility aid users, horse riders and cyclists

Enjoy your visit, have fun, make a memory