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The Best Time to Buy Your Tree

The Best Time to Buy Your Tree

When should you buy a Christmas tree?


It seems that people want to put up their Christmas decorations earlier every year, but we’d advise caution if you’re planning to bring a fresh Christmas tree into your home in November. You wouldn’t expect a bunch of flowers to look fresh after sitting in a warm house for a month, so it’s unreasonable to expect the same of a fresh Christmas Tree.

The best time to buy your tree is in early December but follow our tips for looking after your Christmas tree and keep it outside in a bucket of water in a cool, sheltered place for a few days before you take it inside.

We recommend that you wait until 10th December to take your cut Nordman Fir Christmas tree inside if you want it to look as glossy, fresh and fabulous as possible from Christmas Day to the New Year. Pot grown trees and Norway Spruce trees should go in at least a week later.


The Christmas Tree Barn is open seven days a week, but you can avoid the crowds by visiting Monday to Thursday as it can get very busy Friday to Sunday.


Ready to buy your tree? Here’s a few things to bear in mind before you set out to buy your Christmas Tree.


October 2021 Update: There has been speculation in the media that Christmas trees will be in short supply this year. We have a Christmas tree plantation on the farm, so we will have plenty of trees.