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Upcycle Fabric with Print

Upcycle Fabric with Print

Friday 13 March 2020

Learn how to use Indian woodblocks to customise or upcycle your clothes and print patches for mending, patching and sewing.



This printmaking workshop begins with a discussion about how to create patterned patches and a demonstration of inking and printing with Indian woodblock. We’ll use the woodblocks to customise fabric from the offcut box as well as to update or upcycle clothing and fabrics that you bring with you. You might like to embellish t-shirts, dresses and jeans or rip up an old sheet to print your own stash of multipurpose patches – these can be repurposed for quilting, decorative mending or new sewing projects. You will leave with …  strips, panels, swatches and patches of fabric hand printed with Indian woodblock. Once heat-set these will be safe to wash without the print fading.



This workshop is for those of you who want to get the most out of things you already have. You might already be a decorative darner and you want to make a collection of patches ready for mending holes in jeans, or you might be looking for ways to increase your zero waste lifestyle. You might have a lot of plain clothes that could use cheering up with a little print. You do not need any experience to participate in this workshop as all techniques will be covered from the beginning. The woodblocks are already designed, so you don’t need to be good at drawing or to come up with your own design ideas. Once you’ve started to get the fabric printing bug, you might also be interested in the Two Day Fabric Introduction, which teaches you to design and print your own fabric.



Fabric inks and the woodblocks will be provided, as well as a small strip of offcut fabric from the box, but you do need to bring along your own fabrics to print on in this session. The best fabrics to bring are light coloured cottons or linens, as these will hold the ink well. Bring along small offcuts as these are perfect for little patches, but you might also like to bring along torn-down old sheets or clothing you no longer wear, as these can be repurposed. Additionally, if you have plain clothing that you would like to embellish with a print border or highlight, you can also bring these too. Make sure you have enough to keep you busy!



Group size is limited to 8 people to give you plenty of space to work and unwind in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The workshop will begin at 09:30, please arrive five minutes before the start of the session for introductions and a cup of tea or coffee. The workshop will finish at approximately 12:30, but note that times may vary depending on the speed at which you work.

March 2020


Ruth Wheaton
Ruth Wheaton

I've been teaching printmaking at Slamseys since 2013, having studied with the OCA, Gainsborough's House and Colchester Institute. I love helping adult learners discover new processes and create artwork. I make sure classes are relaxed and friendly - you can never ask too many questions! 

Tutor Reviews

We really had a fantastic time learning how to screen print and creating our own designs and would love to do more with Slamseys.... Highly recommend both in terms of the fab venue and teaching!!

Chelmsford City W.I.

I go on courses when other people go on holiday and discovered Slamseys printing courses and had a rush of blood to the head. It has been a total success! Ruth is a very experienced tutor, there is flexibility and equipment and inks are freely available. There are lots of helpful tips along the way so that you can continue at home. She has a real love and understanding of the printmaking process. With Ruth’s very gentle teaching style, you will get a great deal out of the class, even with no prior knowledge of printing. Everything associated with Slamseys is of the highest quality and matches the branding of the website. The barn is a very large, airy space and very conducive to encouraging art activities. There being no more than 6 in a class there is no need for the diffident to feeling overwhelmed, and there is plenty of parking!  What more can I say? Only I am already planning to join more course in the future. My money was well spent!

Cathy T

The 5 Week Printmaking Short Course was a perfect introduction to a variety of ways of printing art, that could easily be replicated at home. Ruth is a very talented artist who is able to generate an enthusiasm for what she does during the course. She is very patient and allows each member of the class to 'do their own thing'. The surroundings in which the course takes place are ideal and the equipment provided is very good. I will certainly continue to print art at home and have already begun collecting a few things with a project in mind. I thoroughly enjoyed each morning.

Karen B

The Fabric Printing One-to-One course was fantastic. We were so impressed with the course from booking to finish. Ruth was flexible and accommodating when we needed to change our booking at the last minute. We would just love to do more printing now! The follow up information about where to purchase supplies etc. is extremely helpful. This will ensure we carry on!

Connie C

I found the Fabric Printing Short Course really interesting and informative, especially as this is something I've never tried before, it was very good value for money. I especially liked the small class and the laid back approach Ruth has, it really does makes people feel at ease and able to express themselves individually. Also being able to experiment with different techniques and mediums. The cakes were a real treat too! 

Sam D